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June 2014

AOSEC Principles Courses

Continuous improvement of the AOSpine Curriculum

Action items identified during the 2013 AOSpine Needs Assessment Survey have been given a new focus. One such topic, the combination of nonclinical competencies with Curriculum enhancement is now underway. … Read more


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Helping to manage the future

Welcome to the second edition of AOSpine's FacultyFocus. General feedback regarding our first issue has been very positive, with readers indicating that due to the electronic format it is very easy to share information. … Read more


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News from the regions

Xi'an, China: World Forum for Spine Research in China a success

Cartagena, Colombia: AOSpine Latin America Advanced Symposium
May 2–3, 2014

Zürich, Switzerland: Education commission meets to discuss AOSpine's educational strategies

AOSEC Chair Grevitt

New AOSEC Chairperson Mike Grevitt shares his vision

Newly elected AOSEC Chairperson Mike Grevitt will serve a 3 year term at the helm of the AOSpine Education Commission. He is a consultant spine surgeon at the Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust Centre for Spinal Studies and Surgery in the UK. … Read more

Trends in Education

Trends in medical education

In a recent interactive webinar, learning strategist Joseph Green discussed current trends in medical education. The participating faculty members from AOSpine and AOTrauma were asked to critically evaluate what AO education does well and where there is room for improvement. … Read more


How Massive Open Online Courses might change medical education

Have you ever heard of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)? MOOCs are a new and evolving teaching tool. In this article, we will look at the benefits and challenges of implementing this collaborative learning tool and ask: Is this platform suitable for medical education? … Read more



The AOSpine Training for Chairpersons (T4C) is all about delivery of the Curriculum

For surgeons turned faculty, the Training for Chairpersons (T4C) provides an indispensable toolbox with an interactive, step-by-step guide for successfully implementing the AOSpine Curriculum. … Read more

AO Faculty Development

Saving resources and creating new opportunities—the AO faculty development alignment

By the beginning of next year AOTrauma and AOSpine faculty members as well as their colleagues at AOCMF and AOVET will attend the same faculty education programs. This is one of the goals of the AO faculty development alignment process that started this year. The alignment will free up resources to create new opportunities for collaboration and improvement of educational quality. … Read more


10 Tips

10 tips for….
Small Group Discussion Leaders

Beneficial, cooperative learning situations are not easy to set up. Here some easy to graspm specific techniques to make your small group discussion a success. … Read more


AOSpine Curriculum

Is the AOSpine Latin America Continuing Education Program a model for international expansion?

The AOSpine Education Commission has been discussing if the AOSpine Latin American Continuing Education Program should be implemented across all AOSpine regions. … Read more


Improving clinical practice following our educational events

A Commitment to Change (CTC) questionnaire characterizes what learners find most valuable in an educational experience by asking what they subsequently intend to improve in their clinical practice. Several AOTrauma orthogeriatrics courses have successfully integrated this tool to better serve learners, faculty, and curriculum planners. … Read more

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