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Dan Riew


This special focus issue of our AOSpine newsletter brings you the highlights of this year's GSC. I would like to take the opportunity to make you aware of a few important events for AOSpine Members.

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Dan Riew
Chairperson AOSpine International

Robots in Spine Surgery—Will robotic-assisted surgery become the new standard of care?

Elon Musk is currently giving us taste of what advanced technology can do with Teslas that have all the hardware needed for full self-driving capability at a safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver. Is it likely that robots will have the same impact on spine surgery as advanced soft- and hardware technology will have on the automotive industry?

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AOSpine Newsletter
Only a few days to go until the Global Spine Congress.
AOSpine Past Fellows are gathering at Global Spine Congress 2017.
AOSpine Newsletter
AOSpine Member Representative—Presentation of shortlisted applicants
Your vote counts!
Member Assemblies at the Global Spine Congress.
AOSpine Members-only sessions at the Global Spine Congress.
Global Spine Congress 2017 Milan— final program
AOSpine Newsletter
AOSpine Knowledge Forums—A pioneering concept generating knowledge for the future.
Enhancing Learning by Taking A Blended Learning Approach.
AOSpine Europe and AOSpine Middle East have successfully collaborated in Istanbul, Turkey.
AO Interact launches—Achieving more effective patient care worldwide is at the heart of a new video platform.

In the next issue of the AOSpine Member Newsletter you'll be able to read about the following topics:

Virtual Surgery

Meet the newly elected AOSpine Member Representative

Reports from the Global Spine Congress

Global teachers—how to teach in different cultures

and many more…

Klaus Schnake
AOSpine International
Community Development Commission Chairperson

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