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Newsletter 23 | November 2019

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 readIssue 21 (May 2019) Dr Fengzeng JIAN—Blazing a trail• Discovery and Innovation Award winners• AO Surgery Reference for metastatic spine tumor• and more

 readIssue 20 (March 2019) Davos Courses 2018• AOSpine Invites Young Researchers to Get Involved• AOSpine Fellows Alumni dinner at Global Spine Congress• and more

 readIssue 19 (December 2018) • Charles Fisher—bringing your A game• Apply for German Ochoa Travelling Fellowship• Meet AOSpine Member Nuno Neves (Portugal)• and more

 readIssue 18 (October 2018) AOSpine Question and Answer with Robert McGuire• Claudio Lamartina—knowledge is power• Simulations for cognitive surgical training on Touch Surgery App• and more

 readIssue 17 (July 2018) Larry Lenke—the ripple effect• Klaus Schnake—growing the worldwide spine community• Global Spine Journal—best paper and best reviewer award winners• and more

 readIssue 16 (April 2018) • Jeff Wang—the global perspective• Global Spine Journal at the GSC• AOSpine Members Assembly• and more

 readIssue 15 (March 2018) • Interview – Asdrubal_Falavigna• Roger Haertl – the art of being a brilliant MIS educator• From AOSpine Fellow to Faculty: Harry Gebhard• and more

 readIssue 14 (December 2017) • Dan Riew – truly outstanding• Davos Courses then (1960)
• and now ...
• New AOSpine Masters Series, Volume 9: Pediatric Spinal Deformities

 readIssue 13 (October 2017) • A class act – Alex Vaccaro• Interview, Shanmuganathan• virtual library for AOSpine• and more

 readIssue 12 (August 2017) • Leadership – Michael Fehlings• Pushing the boundaries• Davos Courses 2017• and more

 readIssue 11 (May 2017) • Robots in Spine Surgery• The Global Spine Congress• and more

 readIssue 10 (April 2017) • High Fidelity Surgical Simulation Training• Translating and Advocating• New Evidence-Based Research into Hungarian Health Careand more

 readIssue 9 (November 2016) • Nikolaus Renner, AO Foundation President• Davos Courses 2016• and more

 readIssue 8 (September 2016) • Brave new world: a 3D future?• Standing the test of time: the evolution of surgical mentoring• and more

 readIssue 7 (June 2016) • The potential complications of caring for elderly patients• To operate or not to operate? The surgeon's dilemma• and more

 readSupplement issue Global Spine Congress  

 readIssue 6 (February 2016) • Do 'soft skills' matter in medicine?• To operate or not to operate? The surgeon's dilemma• and more

 readIssue 5 (September 2015) • The secret is in the cells• Quality control: why you can't afford not to care• and more

 readIssue 4 (August 2015) • How surgical team behavior affects patient outcomes• 75 tips to improve your surgical practice’s bottom line• and more

 readSupplement issue GSC-2015  

 readSupplement issue Davos-2014  

 readIssue 3 (January 2015) • How to improve doctor-patient communication• Clinical decision making—a critically important skill• and more 

 readIssue 2 (August 2014) • How to improve your professional online reputation• Managing spine surgery complications• and more 

 readIssue 1 (June 2014) • Surgical skill: is it an art or a science?• How to grow your spine practice: 10 strategies to attract more patients• and more 

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