AO Spine introduces Global Diploma Exam in 2020

Newsletter 23 | November 2019

AO Spine Global Diploma Exam 2020

Are you an experienced spine surgeon with at least five years in spine practice? Would you like to certify your knowledge and enhance your professional reputation?

Register now for the AO Spine Global Diploma Exam


The AO Spine Global Diploma Exam is the first truly global diploma certification of a world-leading organization in medical education. It has been designed by a group of worldwide leaders in spine surgery education.


It enables candidates to demonstrate that they have attained a level of knowledge expected of a specialist spine surgeon after five years of practical experience.


The Diploma Exam is a formal assessment of the knowledge required for the management of patients with spinal disorders. It is not intended to certify the competence of technical skills or the ability to perform surgical procedures. It is not a compulsory or regulatory certificate of competence or excellence.



Who is eligible for the AO Spine Global Diploma?

In order to be eligible for the AO Spine Global Diploma exam, candidates must be:




To receive the Diploma, candidates will need to pass written and oral examinations





The application process closes on November 14, 2019. The space is limited to 100 candidates for the 2020 Diploma Exam and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.


How can you benefit from being AOSpine certified?


  • Benefit from AO Spine’s global reputation as the leading global academic community in spine care

  • Worldwide credibility guaranteed

  • Unique digital badging is available to highlight your accomplishments online

  • It’s an excellent opportunity to have your theoretical knowledge in spine surgery accredited at an international level

  • Gain recognition by having proof that your theoretical knowledge has been assessed to the latest standards






Newsletter 23 | November 2019 |

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