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Davos Courses with MISS focus—register now



Over the past few months, we have worked hard on improving and reworking the educational format of the courses to take them to the next level.

This year's Davos Courses, which will take place from 8–11 December 2018, will be entirely focused on minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS).


You will have the opportunity to register for three different courses, and:

  • train the usage of the microscope
  • train the usage of the endoscope
  • work on percutaneous fixation


Each course contains two modules (microdecompression and endoscopy, endoscopy and percutaneous fixation, or microdecompression and percutaneous fixation), with both case discussions and hand's on sessions on a life-like simulator as well as online course preparations.


This will be an outstanding opportunity to train skills with world-renowned MISS experts, as always there will be ample time for discussions and networking.


Also, we will stage again “The good, the bad, the ugly—A case that taught me a lesson” discussions in the afternoon—a great chance to benefit from the experiences of others and to talk about best practices with your peers.


There are only a few seats left! Register now on www.aodavoscourses.org


Davos Courses Preliminary Program


We look forward to seeing you in December!





Newsletter 17 | July 2018

Newsletter 17

July 2018


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