Governance changes

and new ambassadors

AOSpine International Board— Governance changes


All Commission chairpersons will take over their new position after the Trustees Meeting in July 2018, except the Member Representative, who started his term at the Global Spine Congress Singapore in May 2018.

AOSpine International Chairperson

S. Rajasekaran (India), term July 2018–July 2021

Regional Board Middle East and Northern Africa Chairperson

Mohammad El-Sharkawi, term July 2018–July 2021

Research Commission Chairperson

Dino Samartzis (USA), term July 2018–July 2021

Community Development Commission Chairperson

Norman Chutkan (USA), term July 2018–July 2022

Member Representative

Massimo Balsano (Italy), term May 2018–May 2019

We wish everyone a successful term.

Meet the new AOSpine Member Representative-elect: Yan Wang


Yan Wang (China) was elected as the new Member Representative by the present voting members at the Global Spine Congress in Singapore. In his new role he will represent AOSpine members and their interests in the AOSpine International Board (AOSIB) and chair the Member Assembly at the Global Spine Congress.


He will join the AOSpine International Board as of their first meeting after the election without voting rights and start his official term as Member Representative with voting rights after the Global Spine Congress in Toronto 2019.


Yan Wang comments: “I am so honored and delighted to be elected as AOSpine member representative. AOSpine is a truly international network of spine surgeons that offers the opportunity to exchange knowledge with members from all over the world there is no doubt for me to get more involved in connecting with AOSpine members through AOSpine events and programs. I would like to express my gratitude to AOSpine for creating this great opportunity.”


From left to right: Jeffrey Wang, Yan Wang, Dan Riew


Prof. Wang is a citizen from China and serves as the chief surgeon of 301 Spine Center and 301 Orthopedics. Currently, he is the President of CAOS (Chinese Association of Orthopedic Surgeons) serving for over 120,000 Chinese orthopedic surgeons. He was the past president of COA (Chinese Orthopedic Association). He also continues his position as chairman of the Chinese Spine Society. Prof. Wang is very committed to making the opportunities to educate the next generation of spine surgeons and becoming an ambassador to bridge the members all over the world. His vast expertise specializes in correction of spinal deformities. He recognized the need for and initially proposed a new spinal osteotomy method -VCD (Verterbral Column Decancellation) techniques and completed the book ‘Spinal Osteotomy’ which was published by Springer in 2014. Additionally, as the first author and co-responding author Prof Wang has published 98 peer reviewed manuscripts till now. Prof. Wang was elected as Deputy-editor of SPINE journal in 2008.




New AOSpine Ambassadors 2018


The AOSpine Ambassador initiative was successfully launched by the AOSpine International Board at the Global Spine Congress in Milan in 2017. The program aims to honor spine surgeons and researchers like you for outstanding contributions to AOSpine and to making it the leading society for the members of the global spine community.


By accepting the role of AOSpine Ambassador, you commit to representing the AOSpine values, promoting AOSpine as and its membership program, and collaborating on initiatives such as surveys and task forces upon request of the international or regional boards. The overall objective of these activities is to develop the AOSpine community and advance AOSpine's mission.


Mohamed Abdel-Wanis

Muhammed Assous

John De Vine

Carlos Tucci


Imad Ahmad

Amer Aziz

Daniel Gelb

Tim Yoon

Khalid Alsaleh

Massimo Balsano

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Atik Uz Zaman

Newsletter 17 | July 2018

Newsletter 17

July 2018

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