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If you are interested in learning from the world’s top educators or would like to become an educator, AOSpine is the ideal organization for you. In this issue of the newsletter, two exceptionally talented spinal surgery educators, Asdrubal Falavigna (BR) and Roger Härtl (US), share insights about medical education...
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Dan Riew

by Dan

Story 1

Asdrubal Falavigna—Two Merit awards and a medal for advancing medical education in Brazil

Improving the level of teaching and research-education in Latin America is what drives him forward. His biggest passion is to help people improve their performance and achieve their dreams. Read more…


“Through AOPEER I am developing a curriculum to make it easier for spine surgeons to learn the fundamentals and advanced topics of research.”

Story 1

Roger Härtl—the art of being a brilliant MIS educator

 He's passionate about MIS and an extraordinary educator. His fellows and mentees admire him as a kind, caring and humble person. The AOSpine North America Educator of the year award winner 2016 shares insights about how he is transforming MIS education. Read more…


“There's an incredible variation regarding the level of familiarity with MIS across the regions. We are filling the knowledge gap.”

AOSpine Newsletter
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AOSpine Newsletter
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