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I'd like to welcome you to the first issue of the new AOSpine Newsletter which I hope you will find to be an interesting insight into the world of spine care, bringing you advice and topics for discussion from fellow surgeons.

With this issue we bring you tips on how to grow your spine practice and also discuss whether surgery is an art or a skill. We also share with you the highlights at AOSpine including upcoming events in your region.

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Surgical skill

Surgical skill: is it an art or a science?

Not all surgeons produce the same results. Patient outcomes for the same procedure can vary widely. One of the reasons might be different levels of surgical skills, as a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine postulates. If this is true, can surgical mastery be learned or does one need talent as in the arts?  More… [back to top]

Alexandre Sadao Iutaka

“How to measure surgical skill?”

Read the interview with Alexandre Sadao Iutaka,
AOSpine Brazil Board Chairperson.


Spine practice

How to grow your spine practice:
10 strategies to attract more patients

Spine surgeons are under ever increasing financial pressure from insurance companies, hospitals, regulators etc. Attracting and retaining patients through reputation alone might be insufficient in this day and age, so the key to modern marketing is making technology work for you.  More… [back to top]

Michael Mayer

“We must be honest with our patient”

Spine surgeon Michael Mayer from Munich's Schön Klinik shares his most successful marketing strategies.


Research Highlights
Research highlight
Education highlight
Surgery Reference


Where to find us…

Key regional events July – October 2014

AOSpine Key Events

AOSpine Principles Course

Johannesburg, South Africa
July 24–26, 2014


AOSpine Masters Symposium—Spinal Tumor and Infections

Cape Town, South Africa
October 31–November 1, 2014


AOSpine Scoliosis Week

Muscat, Oman
August 1–7, 2014


AOSpine Masters Specimen Course—Trauma, Degenerative Spine, and Tumors

Dubai, UAE
October 11–13, 2014


AOSpine Advances Cadaver Course

Melbourne, Australia
August 9–10, 2014


AOSpine Advances Course

Yokohama, Japan
September 18–20, 2014

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